VTT bicycles, are a eco-friendly transport by not polluting, which allows us to enjoy the environment that surrounds us and the same respect. In the case of bicycles by its structure and components allow us to acces to the nature, well us a simple stroll with our bike, doing exercise and proposing new goals or competing. In the latter case highlight triumphs that is reaching the BMC brand, with its 29-inches bikes.The VTT bicycles of VTT or MTB,they are constantly evolving bothin size and in components. In Genibike, we have opted since our inception for the BMC brand, for that is bringing us what all cyclists seeking, innovation, performance, comfort and stability.In our shop On-line Genibike, we offer you a range of bicycles to practice the sport of cycling with a range that goes from the VTT bikes which rangesgoes from 29 "MTB bikes and 27.5" bikes. You canalso be able to choose between VTT bikes with front and rear suspension are subdivided into different categories, that it respond mainly to the suspension travel offering.Take a look at our catalog that offers